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Machu Picchu: tours and activities

Possibly the most famous panorama and archaeological site on the planet, Machu Picchu is an intricate labyrinth of stone temples and palaces on brilliant green terraces, cradled between two dramatic peaks and surrounded by the all-consuming beauty of the Andes.

The surrounding mountains reach for the skies above as cloud forests give way to sheer cliff faces, sharply descending into the deep canyon and the rushing river Urubamba far, far below. It is famous for a reason – there’s not a soul on Earth who can fail to be impressed with the awesome majesty of this lost Inca city in the clouds.

Full Day Machupichu (1 day)
Enjoy this perfect program if your stay in Cusco is limited in time. You will visit the magestic Inca Sanctuary, declared as one of the New Seven Wonders of the Modern World on July 7th, 2007. Let’s live an unforgettable experience!
Basic Cuzco (3 days)
Daily Departures. City tour and nearby archaeological places, full day to Machu Picchu tour, guided tours, train, transfers, accommodation at hotel that you choose. It is the ideal short, economic tour in Cuzco.
Traditional Cuzco DA(4 days)
Enjoy the most important attractions of Cuzco and of course the main one “Machu Picchu” in 4 days program. Includes 3 nights accommodation hotels, land transfers, guide, entrances. It is a tour with amazing landscapes in Cusco.
Cusco & Puno
This program is a special offer, where you have the possibility to know and enjoy the most important attractions of Cuzco and stay one night in Machu Picchu town in order to enjoy the citadel from early in the morning.

The ultimate Birding experience

Why is Peru the birdiest country in the world? Peru ties Colombia with over 1800 species of birds, more than 85% of which are permanent residents. Peru is second only to Brazil in the number of endemic birds and second only to Indonesia in the number of bird species with restricted geographical ranges. Several rainforest lodges in Peru offer superb birding, each with a list of over 550 species! In 1982 a team of birders in Manu in southeastern Peru established the current world record “big day” when they recorded 331 species while only walking and paddling canoes.

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